eProcurement Services

Deliver a platform to control   manage   reduce  spend.

After many years of involvement with eProcurment, and after extensive research of market demands and available solutions, we have reached the conclusion that working with leading providers strikes the ideal balance of functionality, simplicity and value.

Cogni now works with Coupa and Zycus to provide New Zealand and Australian companies wth the best of local expertise and world leading spend management software.

Your spend management platform has to work for your staff, your procurement team, your accounts team, your finance team, and your suppliers. They all have to want to use it for it to be successful.

We understand many of the challenges you will face: suppliers with limited technology, users who don't receipt their orders, duplicated approval workflows, specialised vendor and contract management requirements... We can save you the time and trouble of discovering and tackling these challenges yourself.

Let our in-depth understanding of electonic purchasing and spend management systems work for you.

Deliver an easy shopping style experience to your buyers, while maintaining the purchasing controls to manage spend. Ensure eProcurment is appropriately connected to your other systems and to your suppliers. eProcurement should at least have:

 Accessible  products and services that your buyers need.
 Controlled  purchasing through customisable processes.
 Simple  to use with the right level of functionality to ensure adoption.

The "...icing" on the cake! Reduce paperwork, data entry, errors, and disputes by correctly implementing eInvoicing. Receiving invoice data elecroncally is a good starting point. With template based intelligent and customised matching rules, invoicing efforts and costs can be reduced dramatically.

 Flexible  functionality for suppliers with varying technical capabilities.
 Automated  customisable matching rules that can apply to any or all suppliers.
 Integrated  workflow and connections to financials systems.

RFXs, reverse auctions, contract management and vendor management are the "engines" behind the savings negotiated by procurement teams. Your eSourcing platform should become a natural extension of your sourcing team, and deliver:

 Self Service  functionality for your sourcing team to create, manage and monitor events in real time.
 Simple  interface for suppliers to respond to your requests and compete effectively.
 Integrated  with your other spend management systems for RFQ creation and contract management.

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